Language skills are one of the must-have skills in the world today. Nowadays, Estonian, Russian and English are required in many areas of the Estonian job market. In addition, Estonian language skills also allows you to feel more comfortable, understand information and participate in different events.

One of the possibilities of learning Estonian is learning through the Unemployment Insurance Fund. There are several ways to do this.

For those who work

If you have a job, but you realize that your Estonian language skills are insufficient, the program “Work and Learn” (“Tööta ja õpi”) is suitable for you. If your annual income for the last calendar year was less than 17 292 euros (or the average income for the month was less than 1441 euros), you can take part in an Estonian training course to get at A1 level or in a course that prepares you for an Estonian language examination at A2-C1 level.

Steps to take before training:

  • Book a session to the a career counsellor at the Unemployment Insurance Fund;
  • During the session, explain why and at what level of Estonian you need;
  • After confirmation from a career counselor, you must choose a language school and register for the training.

More information about the program and contacts for book a session with a career counsellor can be found here

For jobseekers

If you are currently registered at the Unemployment Insurance Fund, you can take Estonian language courses with a training card (for a maximum amount of 2500 euros).

For this it is required:

  • To discuss the need of training and the level of course with your career counsellor. 
  • Once you have agreed with your counsellor, the counsellor will enter information about the need of courses to the system of Unemployment Insurance Fund. 
  • After that you can find a suitable language school among the partners of the Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • When choosing a course, be sure to pay attention to the amount of training, to the amount of studying in classroom lessons and also independently, to the price of the course and to the program of study.

More information about the training card can be found here

Source used: Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (Eesti Töötukassa) 

Translated by Anastasiya Ilistratova-Tunnel and Merylin Kruusma


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